Repique is the name of the 3rd drum in the Candombe.

Candombe is how they call their music, the african descendants in Uruguay. They play this music every Sunday in every neighborhood in Montevideo. They get together in the afternoons on the street and make a fire to warm the drums.

Candombe consists of 3 drums of different sizes… they are the “Piano”, “Chico” and “Repique”. Once the drums are warm, they start playing to the groove of the “clave”. They hang the drums on the shoulders and walk the streets playing loud. A whole candombe “Cuerda” consists of 3 to dozens of players. They play the whole afternoon and all the people of the neighborhood walk around them dancing and smiling. Every february in Montevideo there is a special celebration called “Las llamadas” in where every group of candome players and dancers called “Comparsa” dress up with their party outfits for the special night.

The idea with REPIQUE RECORDS is to bring this ancient grooves to the present. Maintaining the spirit of the Candombe and representing it in a more techno or house avant-garde way originating the Techdombe genre.

Roots to the future!


REPIQ003 – Redelamente

Lubolo strikes back with 8 tracks of trippy deep tech house jams recorded live from his modular synth. Always with his characteristic candombe’d grooves on every track to show what Montech is all about (Montevideo-Techno).

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REPIQ002 – Candombeada Matinal

For the second release Javier Zugarramurdi adopts the Lubolo pseudonym in order to play Candombe rhythms with his modular-synthesizer.

Lubolo is the name given to white people that paints their faces with black to be able to play Candombe drums, which originally was just for the African slaves in Uruguay.

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REPIQ001 – Techdombe

In our first release we introduce Techdombe.

A fusion between the afro-uruguayan genre Candombe with underground-techno. Giving birth to a new subgenre baptized by the producer Javier Zugarramurdi García as Techdombe or Technombe. In the track Techdombe you can clearly hear the essence of the Candombe grooves within the 4×4 scheme. Is basically Candombe rooted Techno.

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